Puddings and pies

Peeled and pureed, persimmons can be used like a pumpkin puree in caramelly pies and puddings. Freeze overnight then thaw to soften and remove astringency. Pairs well with cardamom, mint or ginger.

Savoury salads

Toss chopped persimmons with pears, figs, pomegranate seeds and toasted walnuts in a wine viniagrette with radicchio or greens, slice into a Thai beef salad with mint and coriander or dice with chillies for a salsa.


Frosty cup

Peeled and pureed persimmons make a great mousse (use gelatine to stiffen) stirred through whipped cream or yoghurt. Sweeten with orange or lime juice and icing sugar to taste. Use in your favourite fruit ice cream or sorbet recipe.