Go west young man

Flavoursome sausages give a rich, meaty base to the cowboy Tex Mex classic - chilli beans. Add chopped peppers to the sauce and serve in a bowl with dollop of sour cream. Or layer into tortillas or wraps with avocado, lettuce and lashings of salsa. Red lentils or chickpeas work well instead of beans, with more stock to make a peasant soup.

Rice and pasta

Chop spicy rich chorizo sausage as the perfect base for a Spanish-style paella, or toss through pasta with slivers of snowpeas or cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese.


Southern sandwiches

Elevate the bangers and bread routine with a rich, simmered sauce of tomatoes, mushroom, grilled peppers or caramelised onions and a good, grainy mustard. Slice sausages, pile on to ciabatta buns, top with grated cheese and grill.