Stylist and interior designer LeeAnn Yare might share a passion for flying with her husband Glen, but they don't always agree on interiors. Both are international airline pilots but whereas LeeAnn likes to shop and to collect furniture and homeware, Glen would rather go surfing.

A year ago, when LeeAnn's collection began overflowing their previous home - as well as a storage unit - the couple decided it was time to buy a bigger house. "While we envisaged a complete do-up that we could really make our own, the reality of that idea with a toddler and a baby was not practical," she says.

Instead, they opted for a spacious renovated bungalow in Auckland's Sandringham. "When I walked into the open home I knew Glen would love it," LeeAnn says. "The hard work was done, both inside and out, but it was very beige-on-beige, which is not me at all." There was also a separate converted garage where LeeAnn could work and store some of her treasures. LeeAnn has introduced a new colour scheme with wallpaper, blinds and curtains. "I'm not done yet, I have a few more ideas in the pipeline," she adds.

LeeAnn is a big fan of Florence Broadhurst and has used some of her designs in the home. "I am in love with yellow right now, and used 'The Cranes' fabric to recover some retro lounge chairs and the leftovers to cover seat cushions on my tulip chairs," she says.

It's unlikely that Glen will get much say in the colour scheme, given what happened when LeeAnn let him choose the paint colour for an entrance and hall in a previous house. "It was 'surf spray grey' and I am convinced he chose it on the name and didn't look at the colour," she says.

While LeeAnn puts a lot of thought into the look she is trying to achieve, she says you don't have to be precious about what you put on the walls of your home. "Your walls do not need to be adorned with expensive artworks to add personality to your home," she says.

"We have a unique mix of objects including vintage bus blinds from New Zealand, New York and Europe, old advertising and signage, plates, a beautiful portrait of the Queen and framed work by my son Tyler."

Style tips
Source material: LeeAnn draws a lot of inspiration from magazines and books that show what people do in their homes. "It is often not what you would expect." And she also gets ideas from shopping and travel.

Recycled look: If LeeAnn tires of something, she either moves it or tries to reinvent it. "If that doesn't work I store it for a while, and if I am really over it I sell it so I can buy something else."

Gut instinct: Don't be afraid of mixing old and new or different styles. LeeAnn says, "If you see something you really love, buy it or lay-by it. Worry about how it is going to fit in later. There is always a way to make what you love work."

* Leanne Moore is the editor of Your Home & Garden. See the latest issue for more on this home and other ideas for your place.