Herald rating:

* * * * *

285 Dominion Rd

We came here because


we'd spotted it as we hurtled by on the way into the city (yes, really) and thought we should check it out.

Parking was

easy at the weekend and just around the corner during the week.

We walked in and immediately thought

well, this is an improvement on the TAB that used to be here. Not that we had been in there, you understand. There's a nice windowseat with cushions, it's light and airy, and the tables are not too close together.

The most unusual thing on the menu was

Melemen, a Turkish omelette with tomatoes, capsicum, spring onion and chilli ($14.90).

We ordered

the Melemen, with slightly runny eggs (you can choose how well-done you like your eggs, and also the chilli level), and a more customary omelette with bacon, mushrooms and cheese ($12.90). Bill was delighted with the colourful Melemen, which was served flat instead of folded, and he even survived its meatlessness. My omelette was excellent as well, and both came with wholemeal toast and butter.

The service was

warm, friendly and prompt.

The coffee was

hot and strong, real heart-starter stuff. And the water was cold.

We recommend if you come here

you check out the cabinet goodies - salads, Turkish bread sandwiches, wraps, frittatas and more, all fresh and appealing. That's lunch sorted then. And the omelette menu is worth a second visit as well. As is the artwork.

Overall we thought

should we tell everyone about this place, or just keep it for ourselves? Sharing is good. Viva's is a great addition to the Dominion Rd eating strip.