Key Points:

The Victorians used flowers to send coded messages of romance; we're not so subtle these days so spell out your intentions by giving an appropriately named perfume. Here's a few suggestions for Valentine's Day that are suitable for singles looking to go steady or for those maddening matchy-matchy couples.

1. Opium Eau d'Orient 100ml limited edition for men, $107 by Yves St Laurent (And for women, $119)
Love is the drug and this elixir is an exotic expression of your addiction. The classic spicy oriental fragrance dates from 1977 and is not for the shrinking violet. In its Eau d'Orient versions, Opium is lighter (the women's version adds vanilla) than the heady original which is best kept for sultry nights. The Chinese calligraphy spells out an ode to seduction.

2. Agent Provocateur eau de parfum 50ml with diamond dust $159
"Take me firmly, shake me lovingly, spray me generously, see how I dazzle," read the instructions for this scent infused with real diamond dust and packaged in a silver leather, pink-satined lined jewellery box-style case from the English luxury lingerie makers. A musky floral, this is a provocative scent to warm the senses. Spray it on the decolletage for shimmer.

3. Diamonds Intense eau de parfum 50ml by Emporio Armani $110
Show you'll never come between a girl and her best friend, by aiding and abetting her love of all things bling. The box sparkles, the bottle is faceted and the fragrance shines with a soft and sweet floral and fruit elegance.

4. Notorious eau de parfum by Ralph Lauren From $110
Whether this is a personal statement from the giver or an observation about the recipient, in our celebrity obsessed world being called Notorious is more of a compliment than an insult these days. And once the contents of this art-deco inspired bottle are inhaled you'll be well and truly in the good books for selecting this mix of floral, chocolate and spicy notes which is a safer choice than the name suggests.

5. The One for men and L'eau The One for women by Dolce and Gabbana $146 and $123
The ultimate statement of affection to place on a double vanity unit. The men's cologne is boardroom-assured and warm, the women's a lighter but still grownup concoction, but with less staying power than the original The One.

6. Night of Fancy by Anna Sui $77
You may not be ready to plight your troth, but put your aspirations out there with this girlish boudoir fantasy bottle, with purple peacock stopper. The scent is fruity and floral but with grownup depth.

* We also like: Irresistible by Givenchy, Magnifique by Lancome and Obsession by Calvin Klein.