Key Points:

It's too easy to buy a supermarket pate, but the meaty spread tastes so much better when you've made it yourself. Serve with some soft cheese and crusty bread

Serves 8 or more

1 medium onion


2 large cloves garlic

1 thick slice of butter, about 30g

500g fatty pork, minced

400g pig's liver, minced or very finely chopped

1 large handful of fresh white breadcrumbs

12 juniper berries, lightly crushed

The leaves from a bushy sprig of thyme, finely chopped

1 Tbs bottled green peppercorns, rinsed


1 tsp of ground mace

1 small glass of dry vermouth

2 Tbs brandy

15-20 bacon rashers

Bay leaves


Preheat oven to 180C. Peel and finely chop the onion and garlic. Melt the butter then cook the onion and garlic until soft and translucent. Add the minced pork and the liver, breadcrumbs, juniper berries, thyme, green peppercorns, mace, vermouth and brandy. Season generously with salt and ground black pepper - a good teaspoon of each. Stir thoroughly.


Line a 1.5-litre terrine with the bacon rashers, then fill with the mixture. Push it down and wrap the bacon rashers over the top, filling any gaps where necessary. Add bay leaves or juniper berries if you wish. Cover with a lid of greaseproof paper and foil then place in a deep roasting tin and pour in enough water to come halfway up the side of the terrine.


Put terrine into the oven and leave for 1 1/2 hours. Test with a skewer for doneness. It is cooked when the skewer comes out hot (rather than just warm). Remove carefully from the oven (the hot water is easy to tip over).


Leave to cool overnight before eating.