Key Points:

It's all over folks but boy did it go out with a bang. Huffer hosted the
final show last night at the Giltrap Prestige workshop in Grey Lynn, where hundreds of guests made the most of the free drinks both before and after the show.

Indeed, one attendee - pseudo-celebrity Aja Rock - had clearly had her fill of free red wine, choosing to throw it in the face of another guest instead of drinking it.

That guest was none other than Sunday Star Times gossip columnist Bridget Saunders, who retaliated by lunging at the buxom blonde. Friends pulled the women apart before any damage was done and Rock was soon escorted from the premises by security, closely followed by best mate Nicky Watson.

Rumours swirled for the rest of night about the cause of the altercation - the most consistent story being Saunders allegedly called Rock fat.

It was also established that neither Rock nor Watson were on the guest list but were ushered in by perennial busy body Oliver Driver.
Driver admitted he sat Watson but denies ever letting Rock into the event.

That may be true but anyone who's ever met Watson knows the best friends are a two-for-one package.

After the drama died down, the party continued with many heading up the road to Rising Sun, but nothing that happened could compare to the earlier scandal of the night.

In fact, most people spent the rest of the night retelling the story, which will long be remembered as the most interesting moment of Fashion Week 2007.

Goodie bag dissection: Yellow spongy ball with Huffer logo, Eden chocolate. Will we ever eat this chocolate again? Offering it around at the after-after-party, no-one else seemed too keen. Rating: 4/10

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Earlier in the night a large crowd packed into Shed 2 to see Lonely Hearts show a ranged called I O U Nothing. And yep, they played the Bros song too. The range was based on the beginnings of the Post pop vs Grunge era where Bros, the Pet Shop Boys and Madonna were icons of music and fashion.

Goodie Bag dissection: Mac fire engine red nail varnish, pencils and a dairy-bought paper lollie bag containing a couple of Whittaker's toffee milk bars. Rating: Can't fault them too much as they lost their sponsor at the last minute. 7/10

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As for the rest of the week, there was the odd hiccough but nothing to rival last night's fraccas...

Most random moment: Members of the media contingent were puzzled when a loud bark rang out from somewhere within the Fashion Week complex on Tuesday afternoon. And not a Paris Hilton-type lap dog yap either, this was a full-throated, guard dog type growl more usually associated with a Labrador ... or perhaps a Newfoundland.

Entry to the event is strictly controlled and we're pretty sure invites to canines weren't high on the organisers' priority list.

Efforts to locate the source of the bark were futile, though some speculated that one of the designers had somehow managed to sneak the family pet backstage.

The fun with alcohol award goes to a photographer who narrowly missed Joanna as he spat a mouthful of beer foam, not politely back into his glass, but all over the wall of the Herald's corporate entertainment venue, the Ink Room. Classy.

The award for unnecessary outfit changes goes to one of the hostesses, who was spotted rocking no less than three different outfits on Wednesday. Unless you're a model, there's really no need for this sort of extravagance.

Worst outfit: A purplish-pinkish pearlescent pants suit. We cannot describe it any better than this. It was hideous, take our word for it.