Key Points:

There are two young lads behind us - from the bro'Town generation - who snigger and crack up right the way through Naked Samoans Go Home (Again).

Actually, they're young enough that you wonder if they should get the joke about singing into the vicar's "special microphone".

Oh well, they're at the theatre, so good on them.

Tonight is the return to the stage for the Naked Samoans, who first performed this work in 2003. Since then they've had commercial success with animated TV show bro'Town and the movie Sione's Wedding.

This popularity is reflected in the audience - a mix of young and old, brown and palagi, afroed and balding, giggling and shocked. It is proof the comedy crew have broken through to everyone, not just the mainstream.

The story starts in Samoa with a band of six brothers who look to New Zealand as a dream destination where the streets of Mangere are paved with gold. Sione (Robbie Magasiva), the most talented of the family, gets a chance to try out for the Ponsonby rugby team and goes to live with his aunt in Mangere.

When things don't go to plan on the rugby field he starts work on a roadworks gang who are building the Eden Park upgrade "for 2011, when we defend the Cup".

You can tell the Nakeds know each other well - the play's rhythm is engaging, snappy and seamless.

There are Samoan jokes galore, such as "I've just come from the opening of the new traffic lights in town", hoots Boogie Wonderland (Shimpal Lelisi). There are lots of general laughs too, and hilarious action scenes such as youngest brother Laho (Jerome Leota) getting jandal-whipped by the others and Sione and Laho's Rocky re-enactment.

Fane, who also plays "the big fat Fa'afine" Caesarean, is spot on with his lines and his actions are sharp. Even when he says "You dick", or he creeps off stage holding "number twos" in, you laugh.

And the others? What a cast. Oscar Kightley looks so ridiculous as Dallas the staunch Maori boss that it works; Sperm (Mario Gaoa) is endearing yet pervy; Boogie is priceless; and the stammering Laho sweet.

And Robbie Magasiva? Let's just say certain members of the audience hang on how hot he is, and his acting is not bad either.

It's a hoot from beginning to end. The thing is, growing up Samoan is not all shits and giggles, as Sione finds out.

* Naked Samoans Go Home (Again) plays at Auckland Town Hall until Saturday. Call (9)307 5000 for tickets.