A Korean guitarist whose playing has wowed millions of cyber viewers worldwide says living in Auckland inspired his music.

A video of the guitarist, who goes by the pseudonym "Funtwo", has become the sixth-most viewed clip on the website youtube, attracting more than 8.2 million visitors.

The clip depicts Funtwo - Auckland University student Jeong-Hyun Lim - playing his interpretation of Johann Pachelbel's composition Canon, a piece of chamber music often heard at weddings.

But despite his new found e-fame, Lim said he felt embarrassed by the attention.

"I was so surprised and was wondering how my video could attract so many people even though my playing was so terrible. I think my vibrato is quite sloppy and I think I need to improve it to sound better."

The 23-year-old, who studies computer networking and loves trance music as much as Bach and Vivaldi, is at his home in Seoul but plans to return to Auckland to continue his bachelor of technology degree next year.

He said his time spent in Remuera was a musical catalyst.

"I think the quiet and peaceful circumstances of Auckland really helped my musical motivation."

Self-taught, with only "one month of acoustic guitar lessons" but more than five years of playing, Lim said he saw the Canon played by another guitarist and thought he could go one better.

He took a month to learn the composition before posting it online. He said his main reason for recording the piece was to receive constructive criticism of his guitar playing.

While he is a beacon in cyberspace, Lim laughed at suggestions of a recording contract and would never leave the band - Lolita - he is in.

"Not even for Metallica."

"I just want to play music with confidence and I'm not really planning to make it as a musician."