Good on the New Zealand Herald for taking a stand and celebrating Waitangi Day by declaring a protest-free edition for February 6. There have been howls from some quarters that this is an attempt to quash dissenting voices but really, the Herald was just redressing the balance.

Over the years, the media have been lazy. They have reported the protest hikoi and played up the significance of political leaders being treated with disrespect when the protests are only a tiny part of what the day is about.

Of course there should be protest. Much as everyone wishes the Treaty settlements were over, there are still years of negotiation ahead. And we can't all "just be one" - which is a cliche I loathe more than "it's PC gone mad" - until injured parties feel they've been treated fairly. If I'd had my family's land taken from me unjustly, I wouldn't get over it - even 100 years after the fact.

There is much to celebrate at Waitangi and too often, only those who are there get to see that -unless you tune in to Maori TV.


The commemorations at Waitangi involve coming together to share a special day with ritual, good food, fun and a few good stoushes - just like any other family get together, really, isn't it?