While most New Zealanders spent Christmas afternoon napping off their lunch or playing with their new toys, others listed their unwanted gifts on Trade Me.

By 4pm, 82 people had listed items categorised as unwanted gifts.

The unwanted presents included an All Blacks shirt, a mosaic Kiwiana mirror, a mini guitar and amp, printer, lingerie, a baby blanket and a Star Wars game.

Most of the sellers simply listed their items under "unwanted gift" as their reason for selling, but others were happy to admit an item was an "unwanted xmas gift".


The lister of a pair of men's convertible Reef sandals gave his reason for listing as: "These are the wrong size for me but are brand new with tags still on."

Another Trade Me user must have been particularly disappointed this Christmas, listing two handbags, each as an "unwanted xmas gift".

Last year, more than 18,000 items were added to Trade Me between lunchtime on Christmas Day and Boxing Day afternoon.

Five hundred new listings were created between 7am and 9am, and a Trade Me spokesman said at the time that the numbers surged between 7pm and 11pm on Christmas night.

He believed many listings would have been gift double-ups.

This appeared to ring true again this year.

One listing was for Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki's book, Why We Want You To Be Rich, and the lister said they were selling it because they had it already.

Last year's listings were up 20 per cent on 2010.