Q: Jo, who is running Windows XP, asks how to set her computer's time display (especially the Outlook Express inbox "received" column) to show am or pm or, preferably, use a 24-hour time format.

A: The time shows by default in Outlook Express but the column is too slim to see it. Drag that separator at the top of the date column right, to reveal the time with am or pm. Windows controls the format: Control Panel/Regional & language Options/Customise/Time. In the time format dropdown, select: H:mm:ss to change for 24-hour format. Outlook express shares that setting with Windows. Note: h gives 12-hour time whereas capital H gives 24-hour.

Q: When Jess bought a Dell PC from The Warehouse she understood from a TV ad that it would play DVDs - but it won't.

A: Contact Dell, Jess. It has the list of components specific to your machine and can verify if you actually have a DVD-capable drive installed.

As it turns out, Dell records suggested her machine is not DVD-capable. The model in question normally contains a CD writer, not a DVD drive.

Your next step is to clarify with The Warehouse what in fact was offered in the ad. It will associate your date of purchase with the ad broadcast at the time.