A "motivational speaker" has taken to Twitter to share his tips for women on "how to be beautiful": a skill that can be learned, according to this now much derided individual.

US based Alexander J A Cortes, 29, claims he can help "optimise your life's performance", and has decided to tell women exactly how to improve themselves, step by step.

At the top of his list is "be thin", followed by advising women to "wear pink and feminine colours", "love men" and "be sensual".

The full list reads:


"How to be a Beautiful Woman

- Be thin
- Be able to cook
- Have long hair
- Wear make-up
- Be feminine
- Be graceful
- Be Sensual
- Shave (should without saying)
- Be fashionable
- Wear pink and feminine colors
- Love men
- Listen to men"

Stay classy ladies!"

While some may have viewed the list as a joke, Cortes was quick to note it is not. He added further fuel to the fire by posting a link to a newsletter with more tips on how to be "more feminine".

But he still wasn't done. He went on to share more outrageous tips, such as advising women who found his initial list offensive that their feeling might be caused by excess fat on their bodies: "you can fix this by working out and going to the gym and unfatting yourself".

Cortes continued: "Remember, only a man can tell a woman how to act. You can use this list to vet women.

"If you show them this list and they become angry, that lets you know that they are harpies that you never want to breed with and that they would be terrible mothers," the 29-year-old said.

The full, outrageous thread is below:

Unsurprisingly Cortes "advice" has backfired and he has been met with serious criticism online.

One angry Twitter user noted: "This discount bin Jason Momoa sure seems to think he's found the secret to life."

@JeetoCheesus replied: "How to be a tool. - Write tweets like this. The End."

However @elunatyk may have said it best when she replied: "Thanks for the tip, Walmart Fabio!!!"

But the avid Donald Trump supporter believes he has had the last laugh, noting that with all the attention he is getting, he believes he has more power than any media organisation in the world: "I run the Media. These people don't understand how easily they are the ones being played. I have more power now than any news anchor on any major network."