Clean eating Kiwis are opting for healthy meals more often, even when ordering in.

Long the domain of greasy burgers and fish n chips, takeaways featuring salads and grilled - not fried- meats are becoming popular choices when people don't want to cook.

Online food delivery service Menulog, which partners with more than 850 restaurants around the country, said the trend was so marked they were partnering with more restaurants offering healthy options to meet demand.

Menulog had recently added Bird on a Wire and Habitual Fix to their options.


Commercial Director Paul Dodds said the trend was unsurprising given the global rise in interest in health and wellbeing.

"New Zealand is following a trend that is well established in other countries where healthier options and upmarket food delivery is growing and becoming commonplace."

It was a reflection of how people's eating habits and lifestyles were changing.

"New Zealand's uptake of home delivery is growing as people juggle work commitments with having enough time to enjoy family time and time to themselves," he said.

Even though people were time-poor, they didn't want to sacrifice a healthy lifestyle and good diet.

Uber Eats, which launched in March this year, said healthy food options were very popular among Kiwis using the food delivery app.

"We know that 'healthy' is one of the top search terms in the app, and items like buddha bowls and salads with lean proteins have proved really popular with customers not only for lunch and but also for midweek dinners," said spokeswoman Emma Foley.

"It's clear to us that Kiwis want access to healthy food options, particularly when they're pressed for time or on the go."

Dietitian Jess Moulds said the takeaway trend followed a general embracing of healthier food options. Photo / Supplied
Dietitian Jess Moulds said the takeaway trend followed a general embracing of healthier food options. Photo / Supplied

Dietitian Jess Moulds, said Kiwis were embracing healthier food choices in general and this is now carrying through to when they order takeaways.

"It's easy to eat healthy food when you're cooking at home but these days people are leading busier lives, and they just don't have time, so the demand for good quality and healthier takeaway food is increasing."

For those looking to order healthier takeaway, Moulds said they should look for dishes with a lot of vegetables, or replace fried food with extra vegetables or salad.

"Loading up on veggies, or ordering extra, non-starchy vegetables on the side, is a great way to make sure your takeaway choice is a healthy one."

Noodles and rice could be high in refined carbohydrates and portion control was key for controlling calorie intake.

The best option was to replace noodles or rice with fresh vegetables or whole grain carbohydrates, Moulds said.