Our busy lifestyles often dictate how long, or how often we can get to workout.

However, there is some good news for everyone struggling to fit exercise into their lives, as experts claim all you need is 180 seconds.

Kusal Goonewardena, an elite sports physio, told the Daily Telegraph that all you really need is one quick three-minute workout, five times per week.

Kusal states that this form of high intensity training is a sure fire way to train your body to crave more exercise.


"It gives the body momentum to take it to another level, once you push yourself outside of your comfort zone and get the benefits, it becomes a habit for you and the body starts to crave more and more exercise," he said.

He added that the workout should be completed at a minimum of 85 per cent intensity and by reaching this intensity, you are able to benefit from the same effects as a 30 minute workout.

Recommended three minute exercises are skipping, sprinting and star jumps as all three raise your heart rate rapidly and release endorphins.

Kusal calls this effect "blitzing" your body and states that these short bursts will leave you craving more as you gain fitness.

"If you simply stick to the three-minute workout, the high intensity interval training, that will be enough, if you only do three minutes training, then do it five days out of seven," Kusal stated.

"If you combine it with some low-intensity and moderate-intensity than only do about two sessions a week."