Avocado. So expensive, yet so irresistible.

But as many would attest, there is nothing more frustrating then when your beloved (and pricey) avo turns brown.

However, there is a way it can be saved — and no, not cling wrap or foil, although that may work for a few days.

Instead, a New Zealand mum accidentally discovered a more environmentally-friendly way to keep the fruit looking as green as the day she (probably) spent $3 on it.


After looking for a "greener" solution than placing her cut up fruit inside a plastic container, she was shocked to learn lettuce leaves did the trick.

"I sort of accidentally discovered that I have been throwing away first class food wrap," she wrote on Facebook.

"Lettuce leaves, primarily the outer ones that are a bit harder, make for excellent food wrap. "Since they're designed for that purpose in the first place."

And to prove her new discovery actually worked, the woman posted a photo of her green avocado, revealing it had been open for a whole week.

"It was all good for today's breakfast. Incidentally, lettuce leaves even keep bread buns fresh," she said.

It of course left fellow Facebook users in complete shock, with many sharing their disbelief at the handy avo hack.

"Wow this is really awesome," one woman said.

"Oh my god who would have known this?" said another.


"Thanks for that great tip," a third commented.

The woman's post has been "liked" more than 7,000 times with nearly 6,000 shares — clearly a hit among avo lovers.

Another clever way to keep your beloved avocados green is to cut them in half, pit them, coat them in lemon juice and put them in the freezer cut-side down on parchment paper. And defrost whenever you're craving it.