There's nothing worse than spending the whole night tossing and turning and then waking up feeling like you've slept for just 10 minutes.

And if sniffing lavender and counting sheep isn't working for you, a simple lotion that has sent the internet into meltdown could be the answer to a better night's sleep.

According to the Daily Mail shoppers and Reddit users have been raving about the power of an $14 "miracle" body lotion they claim has helped them combat insomnia.

Lush's Sleepy lotion was originally created last year as a limited-edition holiday exclusive but it was so popular that it's been brought back as a permanent cosmetic.


Fans took to the review section, as well as Reddit, in their droves to comment on the power of the lavender flower and sweet tonka absolute-infused lotion.

Taking to the internet, one user revealed: "I sleep so much better with this body lotion. It's so moisturising and has an amazing smell. Definitely my new favourite!".

Another claimed it helped calm her nerves, too: "I used to take anxiety medication for 11 years and had to stop recently which was pretty terrible. But I found that using and smelling Sleepy can help my anxiety not be as bad."

Others hailed it the one product that can actually help them through the worst of their nights, and others simply dubbed it "magic".

So popular is the lotion that despite just being brought back, it's already sold out online.