Waikato Police have arrested three people who allegedly made their way into a victim's garage before taking off for a joyride and setting their car on fire.

On Thursday a Fairfield resident's car parked in their driveway was broken into. By luck, the thieves discovered a remote to open the garage door.

After opening the garage door the three alleged thieves then discovered another car sitting with the keys inside ready to go.

The car was taken for a joyride before being set on fire at a nearby boat ramp.


Police say they managed to catch the alleged vandals and thieves thanks to keen-eyed members of the public.

"Our victim [who is quite security conscious] has not only had her first car broken into but then her second car stolen from the garage," Police said.

"They live in Fairfield and the first car was parked in their driveway. Overnight this was broken into and unfortunately the garage remote was inside.

"The crooks have pressed the button and fortunately for them the garage has opened. This revealed another car with the keys ready to go.

"After a night of joyriding they have decided to set it on fire by the Pukete boat ramp! Fortunately for us a keen-eyed member of the public kept watch and called 111.

"Three arrests made by the front line guys so at least we got them."

Images of the burnt car show the boot and bumper completely missing, the inside gutted and the outside of the car completely blackened by the flames.

While police have caught three suspects, they are urging locals to be more safety and security conscious around your own home.


"We can learn from this story and try to think like a thief is my advice. That will make you secure your things in different way."