A witness in the rape trial involving a Northern Districts cricketer claims the alleged victim told him that she hadn't been raped and that she only wanted to "scare him".

The witness, who has known Scott Kuggeleijn for many years, told defence lawyer Philip Morgan during cross examination that when he spoke to the complainant two days later she admitted she hadn't been raped and she "just wanted to scare him".

Day four of Kuggeleijn's jury trial - made up of four women and eight men - began in the Hamilton District Court this morning with yesterday's witness - who held the party where the defendant and complainant met - back in the dock.

When questioned by crown prosecutor Jacinda Foster in re-examination about the statement, the witness said he was standing in the hallway and in full ear shot of the conversation between another friend and the complainant.


"I just clearly remember her saying that she wanted to scare Scott and doesn't want him to get into any trouble."

A friend of the pair, who was sober driver on the night, recalled Kuggeleijn and the complainant "getting very friendly with each other" in the back seat as he dropped them into town. They were also flirting with each other at the house.

He said that she was intoxicated and suggested to her that she should go home but she was adamant she wanted to go to town.

Another friend took the stand this morning and told the court the complainant was flirting with a few of the guys at the party, including himself and the defendant.

The alleged victim claims she was raped by Kuggeleijn after the pair went back to her house. She claims he had tried throughout the night and when he tried again in the morning he pinned her arms down and couldn't push him off.

The trial, before Judge Philip Connell, was initially set down for four days but is now expected to wrap up on Monday.