A speeding driver told police he was "young and dumb" after he was caught doing 177km/h on a main Waikato road last night.

The Waikato road policing team are branding the driver an idiot after he was pulled over doing nearly twice the legal open-road limit on State Highway 1 near Hamilton at sundown.

In a post on the police district's Facebook page, an unnamed officer said the motorist's reason for the breakneck speed was "because I am young and dumb".

If the young man was in Italy, he would be called an "idiota", the officer wrote.


The driver's licence was automatically suspended for 28 days and he is due to appear in court on speeding charges.

The car was not impounded as the man was not racing but he was given a ride to a safe place by the arresting officer.

It's the third high-speed bust on Waikato roads since Friday.

On Saturday, an Auckland man's licence and car were confiscated after he was caught driving at 143km/h on the Waikato Expressway.

Late on Friday night, a man was caught doing 132km/h in an 80km/h zone along Hamilton's Wairere Drive with three passengers in the car.

After losing his licence and car, the man's first call was to his mother, to come and pick them all up.