Daniel Radcliffe "naively thought" gender equality wasn't an issue in Hollywood anymore.

The Harry Potter star admits he finds it "nuts" that there is still such a big pay gap between men and women in the film industry and thinks it is about time Hollywood "steps up" on the matter.

He said: "It is nuts to me. I'm incredibly glad gender equality has come up because I had just f***ing naively thought this was not an issue any more because how can this still be happening?

"It's crazy. It is definitely the time for our industry to step up. Especially if we want to pride ourselves on being a liberal, progressive industry then you can't be doing that."


The 26-year-old actor also was shocked to find out about the pay gap between the male and female stars in 'American Hustle'.

Speaking to Australia's Daily Telegraph newspaper, he added: "What I found shocking about the whole American Hustle thing, and please correct me if I'm wrong - but if I have this right, they had all the boys on one deal and all the girls on another deal.

That, to me, is shocking ... stuff like that is crazy and the thing I can't help but think is, 'Who? Who's doing that? What guy is sitting in a studio somewhere thinking let's f**k the girls out of some money?'"

- Bang! Showbiz