Dan Aykroyd has stormed out of an interview on an Australian talk show, calling its host a 'f**ing hosebag'.

The Blues Brother star was on The Observer Effect last week as part of a tour to Australia and New Zealand to promote his Crystal Head vodka brand.

He discussed his childhood and career with host Ellen Fanning.

However, when Fanning refused to turn the conversation to his vodka, an enraged Aykroyd ripped off his sunglasses, rattled off a list of his full line of vodka products and stormed off set, The Daily Telegraph reports.

Aykroyd could be heard calling Fanning a 'f***ing hosebag' as a minder chased after him, the report said.

The Daily Telegraph said that SBS bosses ordered the executive producer of The Observer Effect to apologise to Aykroyd over the incident.

The producer reportedly refused, saying the show is not used for free advertorials, and demanded the 61-year-old star apologise to Fanning instead.

"(Aykroyd) was welcome to mention his vodka... but advertorials are not part of the show's format," an SBS spokesman said.

- nzherald.co.nz