A key to the rise in competitiveness and quality of women's golf has been the push for better fitness.

A strength-training routine is practised by most professionals and one of the fittest players is Spanish golfer Belen Mozo, who will compete in the McKayson New Zealand women's open in Auckland.

The tournament will be hosted by the Windross Farm course from September 28 to October 1, marking the first time the LPGA tour has visited this country. $1.85 million of prizemoney is on offer.

The 28-year-old Mozo finished in a share of 32nd at the event in 2011 and tied for 25th in 2013.


The University of Southern California graduate and former European and British amateur champion has been at the forefront of the sport's new fitness regime.

Mozo believes gym work has helped her qualify and maintain her status on the LPGA tour and added more clubhead speed to her swing.

That clubhead speed is greater than the average amateur male, at just under 160km/h. At 1.70m and 57kg she drives the ball regularly more than 40m longer, getting a 230m carry.

She says her workouts focus on strength, power and mobility to boost performance and prevent injury.

"I love that my body is in one piece. It's strong and fit," Mozo said. "I can trust my body - my knees are not going to bail on me when I bend down. It's like I'm a big piece of muscle. There is hard work that I have put into my body, and I like that I can feel all of it.

"I create a lot of power for my size. I've learned how to use every ounce of force I can create with my biggest muscles, and then coordinate that energy with the swinging of the club."