The Wotton family have won the second series of Our First Home.

The family - Henry Wotton, his daughter Rebecca, her boyfriend Josh Tingey and his mother, Theresa - triumphed in the DIY reality show after the two other families taking part in the show failed to get close to the almost $100,000 the Wottons banked when their Henderson home went under the hammer this week.

The Wotton home. Photo / Supplied
The Wotton home. Photo / Supplied

As well as their profit of $99,284 over the reserve, they won the $100,000 cash prize.

The series ended tonight when the Pearce family's renovated Henderson home sold for $807,000, netting them a profit of $17,717. Winners are judged on the percentage of profit over the home's reserve. The Pearce home had a reserve of $789,283.


Last night, the Roughan family of Gore netted a profit of $22,432 after the four-bedroom Te Atatu South home they renovated sold at auction for $800,000.

Henry Wotton praised Rebecca and Josh for their hard work during the project.

"They did amazingly well," he told host Goran Paladin.

Theresa Tingey said she was "proud of everyone".