Kiwi classic cauliflower cheese is becoming an expensive luxury - with cauliflowers selling for around $10 each at several grocers.

St Heliers Bay Fruit Market owner Kamal Duggal said he was forced to put prices up, as cauliflowers were becoming hard to come by.

"There's a big shortage at the moment. It's cost me $8.50 plus GST each to buy them in the past couple of weeks. I've been selling them for $9.99 including GST each.

"Not many people are buying them. I bought five or six on Monday and have only sold two or three."


Romak Lodhiya, an attendant at Parklands Fruit & Vege in Sandringham, said they were selling cauliflower for $9 each.

"The price is high because the market price is high. Some people still buy it, but some don't."

Daly Sairak, an attendant at JHC Fruit & Vege in Newmarket, said they were selling cauliflower for $8.99.

"They've been very hard to sell. Restaurants still buy them because they need them, but regular customers haven't been."

Meanwhile, owner of Aro Fruit Supply in Wellington, Harry Sukhalal, said he wasn't selling cauliflower at the moment because of the high market price.

"They've been selling for $7 each in the past two weeks so I haven't been buying them.

"They're not worth selling because people don't want to pay high prices for them.

"It's not really a problem at the moment because people don't like having cauliflower when it's hot. It will be a problem if they're expensive in winter."

Cauliflowers were being sold for $9.99 at New World Eastridge today.

A Foodstuffs spokeswoman said this was the approximate price for cauliflower at North Island New Worlds at the moment.

The price was affected by a market shortage of cauliflower due to recent adverse weather conditions, the spokeswoman said.

"This is unfortunately driving the wholesale price of cauliflower up," she said.

"The good news for customers is that advice from growers suggests prices should be coming down in the next few weeks.

"In saying that the storm over the last couple of days has the potential to impact the crops further."

A Horticulture New Zealand spokeswoman said the high price of cauliflower was a case of "old fashioned supply and demand".

"The weather conditions have affected supply, making it harder and harder to put them on the market."