As the first child of the music world's arguable king and queen, Jay-Z and Beyonce's brand new baby girl is probably in for a lifetime of column inches, so it almost seems cruel to be putting her under the microscope already. But I guess she'd better get used to it, as it seems Jay-Z isn't necessarily one for keeping things private.

She's only been in the world since Saturday (Sunday NZ time), and already her dear dad has written and released a song about her. Glory it's called, and yes it's very sweet, even heart-warming, with Jay-Z professing that she is his greatest creation, and describing the amazing feeling of becoming a dad. But he also reveals that she was conceived in Paris, and that this wasn't their first attempt to have a child. "Last time the miscarriage was so tragic/We was afraid you'd disappear/But nah baby you magic." Seems pretty personal, but Jay obviously wants to tell the world.

Nonetheless, they haven't done too badly in the "naming" stakes - she has been christened Blue Ivy Carter (Jay-Z's real name is Shawn Carter).

That's reasonably conservative for a celebrity couple - they often end up saddling their kids with "interesting" names like Apple, or Sparrow James Midnight, or D'Lila Star. And given the Knowles' family penchant for exotic monikers (Beyonce has a sister called Solange), it seems that Blue Ivy got off lightly.


Though down in this part of the world, "Blue" would usually be associated with an Ocker Aussie farmer wiping the sweat off his brow and calling out "gidday". Hmm, I guess Jay and B didn't know that.

Sounds like she could actually be named after Jay-Z's favourite colour - he has released a trilogy of albums called The Blueprint after all. And Blue Ivy's DNA is a blueprint of Jay-Z and Beyonce's, right?

But they couldn't call her Blueprint - that would be like Michael Jackson calling his son Blanket.

It does have a certain ring to it though - you can imagine it'll make for good branding. Blue Ivy Bootylicious booties. Blue Ivy Hummer-style baby carriages perhaps? Or even Blue Ivy back-to-my-crib cribs?

Will Smith's kids better watch out. That Willow Smith may be signed to Jay-Z's record label, and releasing tracks like Whip My Hair, but Blue Ivy will be after her market share soon.

Dad's actually already given her an artist name: B.I.C. Her baby cries reportedly feature on Glory - hey get that kid a song publishing deal, quick - and "featuring Blue Ivy" obviously didn't sound hip-hop enough, so he coined B.I.C.

Though if those vocals of hers keep the Knowles-Carter household up for too many nights, as babies are known to do, she might become known as the Notorious B.I.C.