Coleen Rooney has reportedly stepped out without her wedding ring amid claims her marriage is over.

The pregnant 31-year-old was said to have taken off her £250,000 bespoke wedding ring and £200,000 engagement ring as she and her husband Wayne held crisis talks at their £6 million marital home in Cheshire yesterday.

Coleen - who is pregnant with the couple's fourth child - had fled to stay with her parents in Liverpool, taking their three children with her.

It is not known how long Coleen spent talking to the former England player, but a family friend said yesterday: 'She is seriously considering divorce and their marriage is hanging by a thread.'


Coleen is said to have been left distraught after a string of tawdry claims by a party girl at the centre of her husband's drink-drive arrest in the early hours of Friday, and asked her husband, 'How many girls are there?'

Laura Simpson, 29, had allowed Rooney to drive her away in her car after meeting at a nightclub - and claimed she would have had sex with him if they had not been stopped by police.

Mrs Rooney has discarded two diamond-encrusted bands according to The Sun, with a friend saying: 'Stepping out in public without her ring sends a clear message to Wayne - enough is enough, this time things might have gone too far.'

Ms Simpson, a single mother of one, from Irlam, near Manchester, told MailOnline that she would have slept with Rooney if he had not been arrested behind the wheel of her VW Beetle car in the early hours of Friday morning.

It has since been revealed Rooney may have only been stopped by police initially because of a faulty £4 brake light on Ms Simpson's car.

Had it not been for the minor traffic violation, officers in Cheshire may not have stopped the footballer in Cheshire on Friday night, according to The Mirror.

A set of two replacement brake light bulbs for a VW Beetle cost just £4 at Halfords.

Mrs Rooney, who has been with her husband of nine years since they were 16 and stood by him when he was caught using prostitutes, is said to have broken down, yelling: 'How could you do this to me while I'm pregnant?

'How could you be so stupid? The world is laughing at me because of you.'

Mrs Rooney has reportedly told friends she 'wants to believe' her husband did nothing more than ogle Ms Simpson, but fears he may have gone further if he had not been stopped by police.

But now Miss Simpson, who split with her father of her six-year-old daughter Lola when she was a baby, says she believes Mrs Rooney should forgive the Everton ace.

Miss Simpson said: 'I can understand her being mad with him over the arrest, that was stupid and on reflection he should never have driven my car but he didn't seem to be over the limit.

'But she can't blame him for anything that happened with me because nothing did really although we would have ended up s******g no doubt. What we did was only a bit of harmless fun.'

As pregnant Mrs Rooney is being urged by friends to dump her love cheat husband, Miss Simpson revealed: 'It was a kiss and cuddle, nothing more.'

Speaking to MailOnline shortly before furious Mrs Rooney called Miss Simpson demanding to know 'the truth', she said: 'I was caught up in the moment. I wasn't thinking about his wife at the time and nor was he.

'I can see it looks bad but it wasn't really and she must be mad at me and him.'

Property development company sales manager Miss Simpson told how Mrs Rooney had tried to befriend her on social media 'to check me out.'

Before the showdown phone call on Saturday afternoon Miss Simpson said: 'I've had an Instagram request from an unknown number seeking to share my profile and pictures. People are telling me it could be Wayne's wife.

'I can understand she's curious about me and furious but I don't really want her checking me out so I deleted the request.'

Humiliated Mrs Rooney is fuming that the pretty reveller left a nightclub in a cab with her husband and he later got behind the wheel of her Volkswagen Beetle which led to his drink-drive arrest. She had been on holiday in Mallorca, Spain, with her three sons, while the former England captain was getting cosy with Miss Simpson.

Mrs Rooney and the couple's three sons are staying at the home of her parents Colette and Tony McLoughlin in Liverpool, leaving Rooney at their £6million mansion in Prestbury, Cheshire.