From Monday, Countdown will ditch the artificial colours and flavours in bakeries nationwide.

More than 60 products in Countdown bakeries will be affected by the change.

After three years of experimenting, the supermarket bakeries have nailed the perfect "nasties-free" recipe for their in-store baked goods.

Countdown nutritionist Deb Sue says customers will notice some colour changes as natural colours are more subtle than their fake friends.


Lamington logs and raspberry buns will be two of the most obvious changes.

Its store-made jam will now be coloured by the fruit in the jam and pigment found in carrots and colourful vegetables.

"Kiwis have come to expect the bright vibrant colours of artificial dyes, so there will definitely be some noticeable visual differences due to the paler nature of natural colours," Sue said.

However, Countdown has reassured that the taste, shelf life and overall appearance of products will not be sacrificed.

Natural colour replacements include darker cocoa powder, carmine, burnt sugar, blackcurrant juice, paprika and turmeric.

Natural vanilla extract has replaced the artificial vanilla flavouring.

All new bakery products will be introduced on Monday, August 10, in Countdown stores nationwide.

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