Grazing tables are a food lovers' paradise. A massive board filled with beautifully arranged morsels for guests to pick and nibble? What's not to love?

Typically filled with cured meats, expensive cheeses, fruit, bread and delicious dips, they can form the spectacular centrepiece of any posh soiree.

But then one US woman decided to change things up – to the horror of social media viewers.

"Y'all have heard of nacho table, I raise you pasta table," the woman says in the terrifying TikTok video.


With more than 1.4 million views, the video shows her covering a table in foil before piling it with pasta and slices of garlic bread.

Photo / TikTok
Photo / TikTok

"Im gunna vom (sic)," one person wrote.

"As an Italian, I'm going to have to pass," said another.

"I feel like this was something that was better as an idea," a third commented, while other disgusted viewers said they'd pass on the "anxiety inducing" spread.

While grazing tables have been a popular party trend in Australia, the coronavirus pandemic has been their death knell as socially distanced eating becomes the norm.

Photo / TikTok
Photo / TikTok

Indeed, with no cutlery visible in the video, many wondered how the food was going to be eaten.

One viewer said the table "gives her anxiety" because of the risk of spreading germs.

"So we're just going to forget about plates now?" one person asked.


"And that's called virus table spread," wrote another, while a third said, "Covid has entered the chat."

"Am I the only one that thinks about the hair and germs ... nope," another commented.

Before spreading it over the foil, the pasta was in several pots on the table. Many asked why the woman wouldn't serve her family from the pans.

"My grandmother would be rolling in her grave if I ever did this!" one person wrote.

As always though, some people were converts to the "pasta table". One wrote, it's "my kind of table".

"Y'all so judgmental – it's just something different that they enjoy doing as a family," wrote a viewer in the woman's defence.


"People need to do this when they're having a lazy day and don't wanna do dishes," another suggested.