They are perfectly paired with a nice hot cuppa, but you already knew that given it's an afternoon treat you have probably been enjoying for years.

But, did you know you have been pronouncing the name of Arnott's popular Nice biscuit wrong?

A debate erupted online after self-proclaimed "The List King" Bruno Bouchet took to his social media to reveal his proffered biscuits options, ranking them from best to worse.

And while many had a lot to say about the order of his list with Milk Arrowroot taking out the top spot, a separate argument erupted — how to properly pronounce Arnott's The Original Nice biscuits.


It forced Bouchet to put the question to Arnott's themselves to help settle the debate.

"G'day @ArnottsBikkies – would you mind giving us the definitive ruling on the pronunciation of the legendary 'Nice' biscuit? N-ice or niece? Cheers," Bouchet asked on Twitter.

To the shock of many, Arnott's confirmed that those who have been saying the classic coconut-flavoured biscuit like, "oh look, that flower is 'nice'," is incorrect.

Instead it should be pronounced like "niece" or better yet, like how you would say the French city of "Nice" — after all that's how it got its name.

"Hi Bruno, thank you for your query. Nice biscuits were named after the city in the South of France and pronounced the same as that city," Arnott's clarified.

It is reported that the biscuit was invented in around 1860, and were a favourite of Queen Victoria.

It's believed she took a stash with her to the French city of Nice, which resulted in its name.

It then joined the Arnott's range from 1922.


While some of you will have just sighed a collective "duhhh", others simply believed they have been tucking into a "nice" bickie.

"The French wouldn't touch these with a bargepole so I reckon 'nice' as in sugar n spice," columnist Samantha X wrote on Twitter.

"Aha – I see – so it's pronounced like it rhymes with "bikkies"?" another asked.

"I believe that's 'Noice' as in Kath & Kim," a third person commented.

Hoping to settle the debate for good, one Twitter user got very factual.

"According to the Australian firm Arnott's Biscuits Holdings, one of a number of companies worldwide to produce them, the biscuits are named after the French city of Nice and so should be pronounced 'neese'."