Prince Charles has taken to social media to reveal one of his favourite breakfast dishes, and some may be surprised by what gets his royal engine running.

The future King marked the end of British Cheese Weekend by sharing the recipe for his "Cheesy Baked Eggs" on the Clarence House social media pages.

On Sunday morning, Clarence House posted the recipe for the egg and cheese number, calling it one of Prince Charles' "favourites".

Clarence House also referred to Prince Charles as a "proud champion of native British Cheese" while the Prince addressed his concerns for the impact the coronavirus pandemic is having on locally produced dairy.


"One thing that undoubtedly brings many of us great comfort is good food. It is, therefore, deeply troubling to learn that this crisis risks destroying one of the most wonderful joys in life – British cheese!", he said.

The dairy-heavy recipe calls for two different kinds of cheese, one soft and one hard, or "any number of our great British cheese," as well as double cream and an egg.

The Duke also enjoys adding in spinach, cherry or sundried tomatoes, a few sprigs of fresh basil leaves and some charcuterie, should he feel like it.

Clarence House also noted that, where possible, organic ingredients are used.

Charles' Cheesy Baked Eggs

The cheesy baked eggs shared by Clarence House. Photo / Twitter
The cheesy baked eggs shared by Clarence House. Photo / Twitter

First start by buttering a small oven-safe dish, before lining it with spinach, tomatoes, soft cheese and basil leaves.

Leave a small hole in the middle to crack the egg in to.

Once the egg is in place, simply pour the double cream over the egg, while being careful not to pop the yolk.

Grate the hard cheese on top and then bake in the oven for 8-10 minutes.


Clarence House stated one should let the breakfast "stand for a few minutes" outside the oven before getting stuck into the cheesy goodness.