A few weeks ago, the New Zealand Fine dining awards were held, but Flava breakfast team didn't think that those awards reflected the everyday feed.

So Wake Up Call's Daz and Ast decided to wrap up 2019 (and the end of the decade) by saluting the unsung heroes of our classic Kiwi hunger.

This morning, the hosts, along with Jacinda Ardern, announced the categories, nominees and winners for The Mean Feed Awards — as voted by Flava listeners.

The criteria included that the "mean feed" is guaranteed to fill you up, taste good, be cheap and have a great restaurant atmosphere.


Check out the categories, nominations and winners — and what voters thought about their favourite feeds.

Best Bakery Feed

Winner: Clendon Bakery, Clendon

"Clendon Bakery 30yrs in the making. Our whanau fly into Auckland from overseas and nationwide and always head there for a mince and cheese pie. He always donates to the community and gives you extra kai if you are going to a funeral."

"Best bakery I reckon, from the potato pies, bacon & egg, & chicken, to the cheese rolls, & the cream doughnuts."

"Clendon Bakery the best pies, doughnuts, everything and the service is exceptional!! I live in Hokitika now and when I come back to Auckland I will head on over to Clendon Bakery for my bakery fix!"

Had to see what all the fuss was about #ClendonBakery

Posted by Daz & Ast on Flava on Tuesday, 10 December 2019


• Hong Kong Bakery, Mangere Bridge

• Hollies Bakery, Flaxmere


• Golden Bakery, Huntly

• Windmill Bakery, Mangere

Best Plant-based Feed

Winner: Wise boys, Auckland


• Gorilla Kitchen, Auckland

• Tart Bakery, Auckland

• Mumbai Chaat, Auckland

Best Takeaway Feed

Winner: Te Ika a Maui (Maketu Takeaways), Maketu

"Te Ika a Maui is a great food and place to eat with the outside eating area, with the ice creams on a hot summers day and the beach."

"Maketu Fisheries is the best in the BOP! I was born and bred in Maketu, so my staple diet was pipi chip in bread! Because of that, chips are my fave food and now that I no longer live in Maketu I have not found a shop that cooks a mean feed of FRESH FISH N CHIPS!"

"Te Ika A Maui is the best feed of fish n chips in the world, always great service and always perfect food at good prices and they have chicken salt."

A classic 'Kiwiana' icon still standing today.

Posted by David Kerr Greatscapes on Saturday, 6 July 2019


• Kaiaua Fisheries, Kaiaua

• Green Jade takeaways, Avondale

• Bobby's Takeaways, Tauranga

• Bula, Rotorua

Best Dine-in Feed

Winner: Satay Noodle House, Papakura

"I grew up in Papakura, my family and I now live in Pukekohe but we make special trips to get our SNH fix."

"Definitely the Satay Noodle House! Awesome food, not expensive, lovely staff, all round great place!"

"Satay Noodle House has my vote. This place has it all amazing food, good pricing, great staff and service and chill atmosphere."


Spicy House, Balmoral

The Hangi Shop, Otahuhu

Sam Woos, Otahuhu

Good Good, Dunedin

Best Burger Feed

Winner: Smokys, Manurewa

"Smokys hands down. The names of their burgers are crack up. Mary Jane the 420 the Blunt."

"Smoky's Blunt burger all day."

What better way to close off A Beautiful Lords Day in Auckland, then with a Good Feed of Fish & Chips... decided to...

Posted by Tautiaga Tiatia on Saturday, 28 January 2017


• Slicks, Christchurch

• Barcode, Rotorua

• King Shakas, West Auckland

• Big J's, Mt Wellington