Address: Durham St East, Auckland CBD
Phone: (09) 309 3830

There I was, minding my own business at a rather lovely wine tasting at Vivace on High St, when my wandering eye roved out the window and caught sight of a tiny bar in a little lane opposite.

I had had my fill of wine by this stage, so decided not to be a glutton and to leave some of the exquisite Chateau Palmer for other folk to enjoy, opting instead to venture across to what turned out to be a little spot called My Bar.

And I do mean little - it's effectively a small room with a bar (although there is a function room upstairs) and some toilets, but that doesn't detract from its charm - rather it enhances it, because My Bar is one of the few bars in the city centre that could be anywhere in Europe.

This is mostly because of the tables outside in the alleyway, which offer the kind of laid-back beer-hall ambience of Bruges or Prague, but conveniently situated in the middle of Auckland.


The service was fine, prompt and friendly and the food was good, too - a nice selection of well-priced dishes - but it was the drinks that really got me salivating.

The wine list is small but well chosen, with some big names and some boutique offerings. Even the big-name brands are represented by reserve labels and it's great to see classy wines such as Murdoch James Pinot Noir available by the glass.

The spirit selection is mouthwateringly good, with all the premium brands you'd expect, but the beer selection put a smile on my face. The tap offerings were Moa (Original and Methode) and Stoke's lovely Bomber Kiwi Pale Ale. The bottled selections include luminaries of the craft brewing world such as Tuatara, Epic, Yeastie Boys and even runs to the brilliant Invercargill Brewery, Stanley Green. There's something for even the snobbiest beer snob and it's worth checking out the entire list.

So, an excellent spot, overall, with real appeal for the beer drinker, which is what a bar really should be. Well done to all concerned.

Service: 4
Drink: 5
Menus: 4
Atmosphere: 5
Overall: 4.5

My Bar is open Mon-Tues 4pm-late, Wed-Fri noon-late, Sat 4pm-late.