Grant Allen creates tasty treats for Boxing Day.

These recipes are for Boxing Day, with some ideas of how to use up leftovers in a tasty way, and try to return to a healthy diet.

Instead of diving into the fridge for a bowl of leftover trifle, I'm going to try and start the day on a healthy note with a smoothie. Gather up all the leftover berries and fruit and blitz with some yoghurt and juice.

You can also drizzle honey over apple halves, bake in the oven and top them off by sprinkling with leftover berries and muesli.

We are presuming Boxing Day will be hot, and you will have little desire to spend time at the stove after yesterdays' efforts.


One of 2012's food trends has been raw food. The philosophy behind this is that raw, organic, wholesome, local and seasonal food in its purest form - the best that nature can offer - is the best for our bodies.

Raw food recipes involve minimum heat, use natural seasonings and keep the ingredients as close as possible to raw. They offer fine ideas for summer eating when we crave food that is fresh and light.

This recipe for tomato soup is adapted from the cookbook Raw Food Kitchen by Dunja Gulin.

As tomatoes are at their ripest and best, make this soup for a simple Boxing Day lunch.

Okay, you've been good all day and that leftover ham still has to be dealt to. This would make a tasty tea.

What are you going to do with the rest of that leftover ham?

Here's a classic French idea that converts it into a stylish offering and makes a change from endless ham sandwiches. You probably won't feel like making this on Boxing Day but you could start the process by cutting the meat off the bone and cubing it. Cover and store in the fridge.

Save for New Year's Eve

I'm also looking ahead to New Year's Eve and suggest that you store away some Christmas Day leftovers to enable you to provide for a party with minimal fuss (or food cost). I'll provide recipes next week but here are some steps to take in preparation:

* Trim off all the meat from your roast lamb, beef, turkey or ham and freeze.

* Gather up leftover berries and freeze.

* Keep the Christmas cake in an airtight container in a cool place.

Have a wonderful and delicious Christmas Day, and see you next week!