Originality and creativity saw Kermadec Ocean Fresh, The Langham Auckland and AUT University take out gold medals in the Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge. Here are a few ideas we collected

1. Dilmah Exceptional Rose with French Vanilla Tea and mini crumpets with tamarillo compote (AUT University)
The sour of the tamarillo blended well with the rose and french vanilla flavour. The overall effect of the match was sexy, tasty and left the tongue with a sharp, fragrant, even seductive feeling.

2. Dilmah Italian Almond Tea served with Battenberg lollipop
Kermadec Ocean Fresh turned tea and biscuits on their head, topping aromatic Italian almond tea with a digestive biscuit and creme anglaise foam, served with a "lollipop" made of almond sponge, marzipan, and butter cream with a sherbert surprise. Mum's tea and biscuits were never this smart.

3. Dilmah Earl Grey tea with a citrus friand and Earl Grey cream
AUT paired a classic tea and friand, but added blackcurrant, cranberry and lemon for a light citrus taste, refreshing the palate. Or try Kermadec's pairing of Earl Grey tea with a sugar crust (think creme brulee) and a walnutty, spicy carrot cake pannacotta - turning textures on their heads.