Herald Rating: 4/5
Address: 311 Parnell Rd, Parnell

We came here because

it had been a long time since we'd visited Ye Olde Parnell Village and decided to enjoy the experience to the full with brunch in this old villa.

Parking was not a problem on the street. Parnell can be busy, however, so we struck it lucky this day.

We walked in and immediately thought we loved the stained glass windows and the cosy feel of this relatively small cafe.


The most unusual thing on the menu was not an issue - fairly standard choices.

We ordered the Verve big breakfast - with grilled lamb cutlet, sausage, bacon, poached egg, tomato, mushrooms, baby spinach, garlic roasted potatoes and toasted ciabatta and relish ($20), which was almost too much for our usually bottomless teens to cope with, so definitely got thumbs-up; cinnamon french toast with grilled bacon, banana, mascarpone and maple syrup ($16), which went down without complaint; the corn and courgette fritters with grilled bacon, rocket, sweet chilli syrup, relish and sour cream ($18); and the panfried chicken livers with bacon, leeks and mushrooms in red wine, rosemary cream and toasted ciabatta ($16.50) - both of these dishes were quite fine.

The coffee was just right, as was the hot chocolate. The spilt coffee (see below) was happily replaced.

The service was friendly but somewhat slow, and a spillage upon delivery took a while to be mopped up.

We recommend if you come here sit back and watch the people pass by, then take in Parnell Village and its unique boutiques.

Overall we thought Verve is a great place for a relaxing meal and when the weather warms up it will be nice on the deck outside too.