Vege time

Crumbled goat's cheese is a salty, pungent topping to spring vegetables such as roasted beetroot, chickpea or whitloof salad; use in summer with roasted tomatoes, peppers or eggplant. Stir it through an eggy tart or frittata for lunch.

Easy canapes

Grill French bread brushed with olive oil, then spread with goat's cheese. Vary with the addition of a drizzle of honey, oregano or basil, pureed broad beans with mint, slivers of roasted pepper or grilled mushrooms, or smoked salmon.


Baker's delight

Substitute goat's cheese for cream cheese in a cheesecake (you may need to boost the sweetness to balance the saltiness or add more lemon zest) - delicious with honey roasted figs. Add to a cheese souffle or baked custard for a savoury entree.

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