The All Blacks strutted their stuff for the Jockey Fashion show last night as part of Fashion Week.

The catwalk transformed into a makeshift baseball field with popcorn provided as front-row snacks.

Rugby stars — including All Blacks Damian McKenzie and Ngani Laumape — swapped their footy gear for the runway.

All Black Sevens stars Kurt Baker and Trael Jaoss even traded a rugby ball for a baseball bat and glove as they waltzed down the runway.


Baker — notorious for taking naked pictures with some of the trophies he has won with his Sevens team-mates — will be replacing the cups with the yet-to-be-released Jockey Men's range.

Ex Shortland St actor Will Hall warmed up the full room with the "old ball game" chant and then it was time to unleash the bounty of bronzed abs and buns sporting Jockey's latest range of men's and women's underwear and sleepwear.

This seasons collection featured pink floral prints, jersey wraps and striped men's briefs. Matilda Rice, amputee model Jess Quinn and All Black Damian Mackenzie were among crowd favourites.

Celebrity GoPro'er Logan Dodds also made an appearance in the Jockey event at Fashion Week.

The event was Rice's third time on the Fashion Week runway.

"It's always so much fun and a really supportive atmosphere," she told Spy. "I haven't been prepping too hard but I've certainly laid off any extra treats for the past couple of weeks. Nothing like having to be in your underwear in front of people to motivate you to hit the gym!"

Dodds revealed he had been putting in the hard yards to be in primo condition.

"Knowing the iconic Jockey Fashion show is full of All Blacks with exceptional bodies, I'm taking this opportunity as a bit of a challenge to show what a gypsy traveller can bring to the stage," he told Spy. "I have upped my training, but mostly I'm really looking forward to the experience and being a part of something rather awesome to NZ!"

Guests can expect a different experience this year with plenty of surprise elements. The typical runway show has been transformed into a high-energy, immersive show, and will feature a theme guests will recognise as soon as they enter the doors to the Jockey Stadium.