An anti-mask protest in the US state of Utah has been widely mocked after a clip circulated online showing protestors making bizarre arguments against the use of face coverings.

The report, from ABC4 News, featured interviews from a series of protestors who attended the 1000-strong rally in front of the school district headquarters in St George, Utah.

One woman compared the plight of mask-wearers to that of George Floyd, who was killed when police knelt on his neck.

"When George Floyd was saying, 'I can't breathe,' and then he died," Shauna Kinville told the reporter.


"And now we're wearing a mask, and we say, 'I can't breathe', but we're being forced to wear it anyways."

A child was filmed making a false claim about the number of deaths caused by Covid-19 and, in a truly outlandish turn, an elderly woman linked mask-wearing to paedophilia.

Another wore a T-shirt stating: "I identify as a fresh air breather".

When the video appeared on Twitter, many took it for satire, noting that it "looks like it's off an episode of Parks and Rec" and "our country may not be worth saving".