A BBC presenter has apologised after a live cross to the Breakfast show saw her make a sexual reference during a weather report.

Carol Kirkwood was presenting a live report on the weather from London's Greenwich Park when she made the unfortunate error, telling viewers that she had seen "lots of doggers" in the park.

"Dogging" is a word used in the UK to refer to the practice of taking part in sexual acts in public places or watching others do so.

"Fabulous, the sun is beating down. We've seen lots of doggers," Kirkwood told viewers, before quickly correcting herself.


"Not doggers of course, lots of dog walkers and joggers around here through the course of this morning," she said.

The TV veteran later took to Twitter to apologise for the error, revealing that the experience had taught her an important lesson.

Viewers, however, saw the lighter side and were quick to join in the fun on social media.

Even the local council joined in, with the official Greenwich Council's official Twitter account saying that "there are plenty of great parks across the borough that are perfect for joggers and dog walkers".