Having trouble sleeping? Do you find yourself tossing and turning, losing precious beauty sleep as the troubles of the day refuse to subside?

Harry Styles can help.

The former boy band star and Watermelon Sugar hitmaker has been announced as the newest voice to join the stable of top names who have offered their voice to the Sleep Stories series on Calm, a sleep and meditation app for smartphones.

Calm broke the news on Twitter, revealing that they had been flooded with messages after asking users: "RT if you dream of Harry Styles reading a Sleep Story for Calm".


"Are you kidding? It's all I ever wanted?" wrote one user.

"If you made this a thing I would cry" wrote another.

The story will be titled Dream With Me and Styles joins megastars such as Lucy Liu and Stephen Fry in lulling sleepless users into blissful rest.

Styles is currently stranded in the US and has revealed he is spending his time doing "whatever" because he doesn't have a "real job".

Speaking on SiriusXM, Styles said: "I'm with people who have real jobs, so they're working ... which leaves me with not a real job, doing kind of whatever.

"I'm reading a lot, doing a lot of writing, trying to exercise, trying to be outside. And then we kind of all get together in the evening and watch a film."