According to Netflix, The Kissing Booth was one of the streaming giant's most-watched films of 2018, and two years later viewers finally get a sequel.

The trailer for the teen romantic comedy has dropped, and viewers will be treated to the next installment of Elle (Joey King) and Noah's (Jacob Elordi) adventures.

The second movie picks up where the first left off: Noah is off at Harvard, and Elle juggles her last year of high school and a long-distance relationship.

A spanner is thrown into the works when Elle develops a close friendship with classmate Marco (Taylor Zakhar Perez).



On Twitter, users reacted to the trailer, and opinions were mixed.

"That movie was terrible. Did anyone ask for a sequel?"

"No one asked for this," another person wrote.

"Coming for 0% on rotten tomatoes," someone declared.

Another posted: "So am I the only one who hated this movie?"

Others defended the film and expressed their excitement for the sequel.

"It's cute. It's not meant to be a cinematic masterpiece," a Twitter user argued.


"I am so ready for this," a fan posted. "And for those who are asking 'who asked?' It was me. I asked."

The original movie was slammed by critics, who called it "cliche" and "problematic", according to movie aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. However, a lot of Netflix users appreciated the so-bad-it's-good film.

Netflix released figures showing one in three users watched the movie more than once, which was 30 per cent higher than the normal rate, The New York Times reported.

Chief content officer for Netflix Ted Sarandos declared the movie was one of the most-watched movies in America, and "maybe in the world" in 2018.

Despite viewer popularity, it has just a 17 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Kissing Booth 2 releases on Netflix July 24.