Just when you thought we'd heard every Glee horror story …

As allegations about lead actress Lea Michele's behaviour on set continue to come to light, one viewer has spotted a truly bizarre detail about the hit show.

TikTok user @kellysipos spotted something very creepy in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it crowd shot while watching an old episode of the show, which ran for six seasons from 2009.

Their performance was a little stiff. Photo / Supplied
Their performance was a little stiff. Photo / Supplied

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"So I'm just noticing in Glee there are dummies in the crowd," she said, pausing the show during a crowd scene and zooming in on various audience members. "That's a dummy, that's a dummy, those are all dummies."

Sure enough – among an audience of living, breathing extras are a handful of dummies who wouldn't look out of place in a horror movie:

It's understood the dummies are the only Glee cast members not to have come forward with a story about being victimised by Lea Michele.

Speaking of, yet another of Michele's former colleagues has come forward, labelling her "a despicable, horrible human being."

Actor Craig Ramsay starred alongside Michele in Fiddler On The Roof on Broadway in the early 2000s. He claimed in a new interview his former co-star "has lost touch with reality".