She's been increasingly candid on Instagram of late, but one aspect of Rebel Wilson's life still remains largely mysterious – her love life.

Speaking to, the Aussie comic said she's been making a conscious effort to focus more on relationships, revealing she's been dating, as she emphasised, "A LOT", and having a blast while doing so.

"I don't think I've found the right person," Wilson, 40, said.

"But I've been dating everyone from billionaires to the very regular person next door. It's been fun meeting different people."


Wilson has been making headlines in recent months for her incredible weight loss — recently revealing she plans to hit a goal weight of 75kg — fuelled by her "Year of Health" and documented on her Instagram.

Last year, however, it was all about love, with the star likening herself to her character Natalie in the 2019 film Isn't It Romantic, which follows the story of a romance cynic who winds up stuck inside a saccharine-sweet rom-com.

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"Isn't It Romantic was very similar to my life in a way where I was very closed off, and now I'm just trying to put myself out there," Wilson said.

"Not in a promiscuous way," she added, "But I've always been really career-focused, and now I'm trying to focus more on relationships.

"I've turned into such a romantic. I'm not ashamed to admit that I watch and love shows like The Bachelor and Bachelorette," she said.

While her previous relationships were never publicly confirmed, Wilson has been linked to tech entrepreneur Jeff Beacher, and before that, she was rumoured to have dated Jacob Busch, the heir to the Anheuser-Busch brewing empire.

As for whether she'd consider a stint as the next Australian Bachelorette, she joked: "My price is $20 million so I don't think (Channel 10) can afford it … I'm not going to expose myself publicly in that way for a low price.


"But I think it'd be interesting to represent a more real-looking woman as the Bachelorette. I think that'd be a really positive message and I think people would find it more interesting."

Given her eye-watering price tag, Rebel Wilson as The Bachelorette may be an unlikely a screen venture for the star, but she's about to front a very different type of reality show.

Wilson is hosting Amazon Prime Video's offering LOL: Last One Laughing, which launches on June 19 and is the result of 10 Australian comedians being locked in a room for six hours, trying to make each other laugh however they please.

As the trailer promises – the competition will see comedians brutally insulting each other, stripping completely naked and parading around with sex toys attached to their clothes.

Wilson said she was excited to be involved with a title that will be aired to more than 200 countries via the streaming service, giving 10 of Australia's best comedians a stage to the entire world.

Especially given what those comedians – including Sam Simmons and Ed Kavalee – are offering viewers will be truly bonkers.

"You cannot prepare for this," Wilson said, laughing.

"It's very interesting when you lock 10 comedians in a room and say you can try to knock each out by laughing and the last one not laughing wins $100,000. It's a pretty amazing experiment and there's no manipulation. Whatever happens, happens.

"What we found was that these people are very competitive, so it got very difficult to start eliminating. Even on slight smiles and stuff we had to start giving yellow cards to them."

Rebel Wilson dishes on her dating life. Photo / Getty Images.
Rebel Wilson dishes on her dating life. Photo / Getty Images.

For Wilson, keeping a stone-straight face when the camera is rolling – even when she knows she's got something ridiculous up her sleeve – has become one of her trademarks in the biz.

"I'm notorious. I don't break," she said.

"They call it corpsing in America, if you corpse, you crack up in a scene, which ruins the scene because they can't use it in the actual movie.

"Even if I'm watching comedy on a TV show or movie, I don't laugh, I sit there and I say, 'Yeah that's funny.'"

She went on to recall how filming the hit franchise Pitch Perfect was at times made difficult by the other actors "corpsing", given the wild impromptu jokes she, as character Fat Amy, would come out with.

"A lot of the improvised jokes I would have to do several times because people just kept laughing through the scenes. I would know I had a killer joke coming up so I'd be concentrating on not cracking up, but others in the scene just couldn't hold it in – it was a very giggly set," she said.

"I think Anna Camp was the worst, she laughs a lot, and she has one of those great laughs. She would often be the first to break."

Skylar Astin, who starred in the 2012 first instalment of the hit franchise, remembered Wilson's deadpan talents well when speaking to earlier this year.

"Rebel would be throwing her improvs out there, and it was really hard to keep a straight face because she's someone who's very off the cuff but also has a very smart plan for what she's going to do on set," Astin said.

"Adam [Devine] and Rebel were improvising a tonne together – a lot of their banter in the first movie that set up their eventual love story was completely improvised; it was almost like a game. It was very fun to witness."

Despite Wilson's strong Hollywood footing, it's been the Aussie small screen she's been popping up on most lately.

Commenting on her growing involvement in Australian productions, having appeared on Channel 7's Pooch Perfect, ABC's Les Norton and now LOL: Last One Laughing, Wilson said returning to Australian-based projects has been a big part of putting some elements of her past behind her.

"It was a weird few years, particularly I was a victim of malicious defamation which really hurt," she said specifically of her torrid relationship with Australian media.

After winning her defamation case against Woman's Day in 2017, having proved journalists from Bauer had painted her a serial liar about her real name, age and childhood in order to make it in Hollywood, Rebel was ordered to repay her multimillion-dollar payout.

Wilson retained $600,000 of the original payout after repaying about $4.1 million.

"I was targeted because I'm successful. I had a number one movie all around the world, it was really hard to deal with that," she said of the trial.

"But in the end, it was such a good life experience. I obviously wish the big money had gone to charity, but at the end of the day it wasn't about the money – it was so people knew those articles were rubbish and toxic."

Now, her focus is on helping the Australian film and TV industry thrive.

"I know I got my start on Australian TV, and I'm so grateful for that experience, so I want to give that back.

"Australians are so talented, unusually talented for such a small country. In America they love it, they say we're so hardworking and talented and we're seen as less "diva" than Americans.

"So I want to use my international reputation to help the Australian industry, and hopefully have more movies made here.

"Sometimes you do have to go away and build yourself up to come back and help people, so hopefully now I have the power to bring more Hollywood here."