Ben Boyce really wanted to have a chat to Dan Carter on The Hits Breakfast this morning so his co-host Jono Pryor made it happen.

Well, sort of.

Jono pranked Ben into believing he was conducting an exclusive interview with Carter, following the Blues announcement this week.

Ben really wanted to interview Dan Carter so Jono (kind of) made it happen. Photo / The Hits
Ben really wanted to interview Dan Carter so Jono (kind of) made it happen. Photo / The Hits

But the exclusive interview was actually fake and Jono and Ben were talking to a collage of recordings of several Dan Carter interviews, with producers in the background playing excerpts just at the right time to match the questions.


It all started when Ben said he was keen to get an interview with the star player, following the news of him signing with the Blues Super Rugby team.

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The interview went on for a good couple of minutes before Ben started suspecting something wasn't right, as a couple of Dan's answers didn't quite match the questions.

"Is this legit?" Ben asks at one point. "Sorry, Dan - if it is Dan. Jono, is this actually Dan Carter?"

Ben then turns to fake Dan to ask him if it's really the rugby player - that's when things really unravel as fake Dan replies with: "Thank you, good to be here."

Jono quickly revealed he was actually pranking his friend and show co-host.

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Ben didn't actually get the exclusive interview with Dan Carter he so badly wanted - but listeners got a hilarious exchange anyway.