Superstar musician Ed Sheeran is reportedly paying the workers at his pub in full amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Bertie Blossoms, which Sheeran owns in Notting Hill, was shut down temporarily by the UK Government, like all eateries in the UK, to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

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To help ease the financial troubles, Sheeran is reportedly promising to pay the pub's workers wages in full.


He has also reportedly said no one will be made redundant and has encouraged staff to pick up other work.

A source told the Sun: "Ed's told everyone not to worry and that he's picking up the tab and he'll see them all again for a massive p***- up once the world gets back to normal.

"Ed even told staff they could go out and seek other employment if they wanted or go help the nation by doing voluntary work.

"It's great of Ed to put everyone's mind at rest. People will say 'oh well he can afford it' but often the people with the most money can be the least generous. That's not Ed though," the source said.

The Shape of You singer is reportedly worth over $408 million.

The pub opened in October.

The singer is known for being generous with his fortune.

One such occasion was in 2017, when he helped a tattoo artist who struggled to work after his wife suffered a miscarriage, the Mirror reports.


The Melbourne tattoo artist, Kevin Paul, told the publication: "I didn't ask Ed to help. He's amazing like that. We were just talking one day. He's the kindest guy."