With tours and performances facing cancellations and postponement due to Covid-19, musicians are performing in online livestreams so fans can enjoy live music from the comfort of self-isolation.

The artists and bands taking to online platforms to play their music include US metalcore band Code Orange, who told Newsweek that they had plans to livestream their show from an empty venue.

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"We ... try to give everyone the show we've been working so hard on, and turn this negative to at least a little bit of a positive or something enjoyable for people who like heavy music," drummer and vocalist Jami Morgan told Newsweek.


Other artists are keeping it simple by performing over Instagram Live, with rapper Gnash playing an acoustic set over the social media platform last week.

"I know this is a hard time in the world to have hope and confidence in the beauty of tomorrow, but I just want to remind you that I'm extremely grateful for you, and I like you just the way you are, and thank you for existing," he said during the livestream.

Electronic artist Diplo also livestreamed a set from his living room, while UK rocker Yungblud livestreamed a performance on Monday.

Coldplay's Chris Martin posted a video of himself performing favourites such as "A Sky Full of Stars" and "Yellow" for his "Together at Home" streaming session for fans on Twitter.

Keith Urban also performed a solo concert over Instagram Live, with Nicole Kidman joining in the jam session.