It looks like this US politician has "Austin Powers' mojo, baby!"

Former US President Barack Obama's senior adviser, Valerie Jarret, made an appearance on CBS to talk about the latest news involving the US Democratic candidates ahead of Super Tuesday.

However, viewers were more interested than in what she was wearing as she turned up in a bizarre outfit that somewhat resembled Mike Myer's Austin Powers costume.

Who wore it better? Photos / CNN, Getty Images
Who wore it better? Photos / CNN, Getty Images

Donning a purple jacket, a white frilly top and black glasses, the politician could easily be mistaken for the quirky spy.


After the CBS episode aired, many took to social media to talk about Jarrett's outfit.

Jarrett later took to Twitter to address the outfit โ€” and she definitely was not ashamed.

"I got Austin Powers' mojo, baby! Game recognises game," she wrote.