Rapper Jess B is headling the Milk and Honey event at central Auckland's waterfront Silo Park on Sunday afternoon. The free all-ages concert celebrating International Women's Day has a line-up of female and non-binary acts, food trucks and more. She's this week's guest in our regular Snapchat interview.

My first job was ...

delivering the Central Leader community newspaper. When I was about 10, I used to sprint the street that I lived on delivering the papers between SpongeBob episodes. I got so fast I could do one half of the street while the ads were on, then finish the other half after it was done. MONEYYYYY!

It taught me ... fitness is a must for my fast-paced lifestyle, and Mum really encouraged me to save up for things that I wanted, which was one of the reasons I got the paper run. One of the first "big" purchases I made was a $70 scooter from The Warehouse. I still remember the excitement and how stoked I was that I had stayed disciplined and been able to achieve something I really wanted for myself.


The last job I quit was ... at DHL — I worked in the warehouse and the customs department.

The most famous person I've ever met is ... maybe Kehlani? She is an artist whose music spans the contemporary R'n'B/neo-soul/hip-hop genres. I met her for the first time through a friend at her concert in Auckland, and then I met her again when she came back the following year. She is one of my favourite songwriters and on my dream collaboration list.

She was ... dope. It was really cool to meet someone my age who is navigating the music industry in a big way. I'm always inspired by other people's stories and journeys, and the fact that she had time for us (especially me as an artist) and we were able to keep the connection via Instagram was so exciting for me at the time.

The best time I've had on stage was ... literally last month at Splore festival. We played at 10pm on the main stage, which was the latest timeslot given to me thus far in my career. Splore is one of my favourite festivals in New Zealand so I was super-excited. My whole team and I have been slowly adding to the set and making it better and better over the past year and I have been so happy with how the busy summer of shows has gone for us. Performing is one of my favourite parts about being an artist, and so this moment with everyone who had been with me was a really special mark in my career.