A Kiwi model among the more that 80 women who spoke out against disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein says she's relieved to hear his guilty verdict.

Zoe Brock claimed Weinstein asked her for a massage and chased her into a bathroom in a "terrifying" experience in 1997.

Brock was 23 when she met Weinstein at the Cannes Film Festival. She said he later invited her up to his hotel room on the pretence of a party, only to be confronted by a the Hollywood producer, naked and asking for a massage.

She told the Herald she raced into the bathroom, locking the door, and Weinstein chased her.


The experience left her feeling "betrayed, disbelieved, [and] cheap".

More than 20 years later, Weinstein has been found guilty at his sexual assault trial.

On Tuesday, Weinstein was found guilty of a criminal sex act for assaulting production assistant Mimi Haleyi at his apartment in 2006 and third-degree rape of a woman in 2013.

The jury found him not guilty on the most serious charge, predatory sexual assault, that could have resulted in a life sentence.

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Brock told Newstalk ZB the Weinstein trial was a landmark case.

"It's no longer a good defence to get a victim on the stand and blame her and shame her and pick her life apart and treat her like absolute c**p and be able to get away with it."

She said it was important that the jury had listened to all the evidence and still understood that a person could be in a consensual relationship and still be raped.


"You can do whatever you damn well want and go wherever you damn well want and be raped ... even though it's not everything we wanted, we cannot forget how amazing it is."

Zoe Brock says she's relieved at Weinstein's guilty verdict. Photo / File
Zoe Brock says she's relieved at Weinstein's guilty verdict. Photo / File

And after an "awful week" with the trial wrapping up, Brock said she was relieved at the verdict.

"I was fully prepared for him to him to get a complete acquittal and for him to go form a new production company and show up at next year's Oscars," she told Heather Du Plessis Allan.

"I'm happy, I'm light, I'm relieved and I'm not so scared, which is a really unique experience."

The guilty verdict was also a "massive middle finger" to those who doubted Weinstein guilt, she said.

Zoe Brock, now 43, publicly breaks her silence on what happened in Cannes hotel room

Weinstein is also scheduled to face trial in Los Angeles, where he is charged with raping one woman and sexually assaulting another in separate incidents in 2013. He has not yet entered a plea in that case.


Brock hopes she can take the stand against the 67-year-old.

"I want to face him in court. I want to face him, with lawyers, in court.

"I do think that my story can really help make the case that it was predatory, he utilised his employee to make women feel safe and then his employees would suddenly vanish and leave you alone with him and he could do whatever he wanted."

Harvey Weinstein arrives at the criminal court as jury deliberations begin in his rape and assault trial. Photo / Getty Images.
Harvey Weinstein arrives at the criminal court as jury deliberations begin in his rape and assault trial. Photo / Getty Images.

She told Newstalk ZB all the women she'd spoken to who had accused Weinstein of sexual assault were thankful to the jury and the press who pursued the case.

"We're all really grateful and shocked and surprised and happy and just stunned. We're all stunned."

And she had a message for anyone who has survived sexual assault.


"Take heart, we can get them. We can get these monsters. This doesn't have to define you, there can be healing, there can be happiness.

She urged anyone dealing with assault to talk to a loved one and seek help.

"Remember that these people only take power in our silence. I know that its complicated and hard, but when you shine a light on these mofos they can't operate. Its not for everyone to speak up, but it worked for me."


• If it's an emergency and you feel that you or someone else is at risk, call 111.​

• If you've ever experienced sexual assault or abuse and need to talk to someone contact the Safe to Talk confidential crisis helpline on:

• Text 4334 and they will respond

• Email support@safetotalk.nz

• Visit https://safetotalk.nz/contact-us/ for an online chat.

Alternatively contact your local police station - click here for a list.

If you have been abused, remember it's not your fault.